Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Team Fruity Affiliate Programme

It's not so much as a full-blown programme now, more like a pilot programme involving service centres (aka workshops aka garages) who have proven themselves in specific areas of competencies.

The first on this list is Fast Track @ Al Quoz. The competencies (i.e. able to execute well) include:

1. install turbo outlet aka O2 housing
2. install turbo downpipe
3. install fuel pump
4. install open element filters
5. install oil and water thermostats
6. install underbody braces
7. change bushings (except those that require a heavy press)
8. change engine oil (obviously -- I bring my own oil and oil filters)
9. radiator flush
10. engine oil flush
11. change gear oil
12. change ACD oil (differential oil)
13. installation of seat harness
14. change / skim brake rotors
15. change brake pads
16. change brake fluid
17. change power steering fluid
18. installation of stainless steel braided brake lines
19. installation of Koyo radiator
20. installation/change of diverter/blow-off valves
21. installation of lower and upper intercooler piping
22. installation/change of intercooler
23. installation/change of oil cooler (assuming you have all the correct joints)
24. installation of oil catch tank
25. change rims/tires
26. installation.change of front and rear sway bars
27. installation of turbo timer

Clearly, the crew at Fast Track will offer a preferential rate to Team Fruity members.

In the next few weeks, I'll work out a maintenance package with Fast Track @ Al Quoz for Evo owners, so keep an eye out for group buys of the usual maintenance items such as engine oil, oil filters, etc.

A network of garages will be recognized as Team Fruity affiliates because of good work done, with no commercial transactions going on.