Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Losing Weight

This is from Buschur racing website *

60 lbs, the BR exhaust weighs in at 23 pounds.
Installation of Buschur Racing Mini Battery Kit: 20 lbs. The stock battery setup weighs 37lbs, the BR kit weighs in at 17 pounds.
Removal of Front Bumper Support: 13lbs.
Removal of Rear Bumper Support: 17 lbs.
Removal of Spare Tire, Jack, and Tool: 37 lbs.
Removal of Intake Bracket & EGR: 5lbs
Removal of FMIC Sprayer Bottle: 5.4lbs (empty) 11.5lbs.(full)
Installation of Buschur Racing Intake: 4.1 lbs.
Removal of Interior Sound Deadening & Padding: 17.5 lbs.
Replace Factory Rims w/ SSR Competiton 17" wheels: 6.4lbs (Weight loss using stock size/brand tires will be more, this is a total weight saved factory in the a larger tire (255/40/17).
Replace Factory Suspension w/ DMS Coilover Setup: 6.6 lbs. The DMS suspension weighs a total of 58 lbs. while stock is 64.6 lbs. OR You can use the HKS RS Suspension that has a total weight of 48 lbs. which will save you 10 more lbs.
Removal of AC Compressor & Condenser: 29.6 lbs.
Steering Column Plastic & Metal Insert: 1 lb.
Installation of Carbon Fiber Trunk w/ out wing: 10.6 lbs. The stock trunk weighs 22.5 lbs.with no wing.
Stop Tech 335 mm Front Brakes: 7.7 lbs.
DC Sports Front Strut Tower Brace: 4.9lbs.
Remove Brake Shield: 1.5 lbs.
A carbon fiber hood is HEAVIER than your stock hood. Our stock hood weighed 20.2 lbs. and the carbon fiber hood that we purchased but never installed was 21.6 lbs.

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